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Yellow Vests Take the Streets Across France for 22nd Consecutive Week.

Over 30,000 demonstrators from the yellow vest movement took the streets of France, for the 22nd consecutive Saturday.

Demonstrations were held
for the first time since controversial anti-protest laws took effect on April 11. Demonstrators defied the government’s efforts to crush the movement, with strong yellow vest numbers in cities across the country. The French government said 31,000 protesters marched on Saturday, with 5,000 in Paris.


The yellow vest movement
called on the people to keep up the fight against President “Macron and his world” and to “show that everything is just getting started.”

Riot cops fired tear gas and high powered water cannons at the people demonstrating against the violent and corrupt government. Footage of the demonstrations across the country show people running in panic through thick clouds of smoke and tear gas, some demonstrators choking and coughing, others covering their faces in an effort to avoid being gassed. Demonstrators kicked gas canisters away, while some picked them up and hurled them back at the cops.

Volunteer medics rushed to treat the injured, as violent police tactics have continued unabated against the movement. Police have injured thousands of people during the 22 weeks of demonstrations, many severely. Law enforcement have shot people in the eyes, cracked skulls and blown off hands.

Saturday’s protest is possibly a prelude to larger demonstrations slated for April 20.


Courtesy Anarchimedia. Photo: “Les Gilets Jaunes” by Patrice CALATAYU is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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